About Us

We hope you enjoy this not-so-personal blog.

This blog is Alexandria’s. She is our beautiful princess, we love to call her Aan, a nickname that is a short from Anak Anugerah (yes, that is on this blog’s URL). Anak anugerah can be translated to child of grace.

We love to hear Aan calls us Daddy and Bunda. OK, that seems imbalance, most of you possibly think that Daddy is better suited with Mommy, and if you Indonesian, perhaps you will think that Ayah is better in place of Daddy to paired with Bunda. But instead of Daddy-Mommy or Ayah-Bunda, we consciously choose Daddy-Bunda, simply because of we like it.

This is kind of living and growing heritage from Daddy and Bunda to Alexandria. When she want to take over this blog we will let her continue what we have start. She can even change this page. Yes, we remember that this blog are hers.

This blog will contain a lot of ideas, photos, stories, and any interesting things that we want to share to Alexandria and to you. We will appreciate every comments to this blog. Enjoy this blog.


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