Second Birthday

fettucine and chicken with sour sweet sauce

Thank you Lord for the big day. Today, 6 March 2014, our lovely Alexandria Lediayu Ticoalu Yoseph is 2 years old. We are happy because we know You also celebrate her birthday.

As very ordinary parents, we can only trust Lord Jesus to fulfill her needs. We know that Daddy and Bunda are just chosen people to do the role as father and mother for Alexandria. Now, when we are away (in Yogyakarta, Aan in Airmadidi), we know that Lord Jesus Christ are not away from Aan.

Happy birthday Ade Nona Aan, Daddy and Bunda loves you.

P.S. : The foods on the picture are “Fusilli with Chicken and Meat Bolognaise Sauce” and “Chicken Chunks with Sour and Sweet Sauce”, made by Bunda (and with little help from Daddy) in our house on Jogjakarta.


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