Facebook is 10 years old now

Bloomberg Businessweek has “Facebook Hits Puberty” as their headline on the cover, picturing smiling Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is founded on February 4, 2004 in a Harvard University dorm. Mark will also celebrate his 30 years old birthday party on May. Google don’t celebrate it by make a special doodle, but perhaps someday google will do it to celebrate the second most famous web address (the first is google, LOL). At least google via their web browser, chrome, is doing the right job to display facebook’s homepage flawlessly. As compared to Apple Safari’s display, we can notice that Safari is having problem to show the space between words. Hope that this is only small problem that will get fixed soon.


We hope that more and more young people are brave enough to make something innovative and creative. Old people sometimes are hard to move from their mature think path. So the future are for who have the spirit of change, brave enough to confront the well working methods or products.



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