Passion Post

We want to give our daughter a blog that useful for her. We want to make a blog with some nice stories, useful posts, and passionate posts. Actually it’s seems that we provide a second-hand blog, we make a post for Alexandria, and perhaps she doesn’t want to write that post.

For now, it is really make sense. Alexandria has aged 1 year 10 months. She has not yet ready to blog by herself. So, we make it for her. It’s similar to make a diary about someone, and then hand it over to him/her. When Alexandria was able to self-maintain this blog, she has full authority to remake, improve, or even delete this blog. We hope that our posts here will be part of this blog that Alexandria will keep for ever.

from morguefile

We have an idea that Alexandria should have a nice blog with content in high quality. It feels hard to fulfill. But we hope we can help her to make her own library. Yeah, we all know that Alexandria is also name of city of ancient world that has a great library. We hope that The Lord gives Alexandria passion in reading and writing. This blog is just one of the effort we make to build a library for her, at least by blogging we can build an online library.





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